Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winding Down....

Tomorrow is the last treatment and Tuesday I return home.

Today, I went to Bad Wilbad and had lunch at one of only two places open. Sundays are like a ghost town in Germany - everything is closed. At first it did not look too appealing, but it turned out to be great. Started with a wonderful potato soup with sunflower seeds and some unknown other things on top. Wow. Then had a cake called "tortilla" but was really a big, heavy mix of potatoes and onions with egg. It was interesting and quite tasty.

The only downside was that the owner and only worker in the place seemed to have a cold and kept making horrific snotting noises and then serving up the food. That was enough to make me not want to eat there but the food had already arrived....

Then I went to the Bad Wildbad spa called "Palais Thermal". It was not as good in my opinion as the one in Baden Baden and I accidentally ended up in the "Douche Damen". This one had lots of heavy, naked people running around in it. After staying there for awhile, I started getting a bit of a detox headache and decided I had enough for the day.

Returned to the guest house in Dobel in the afternoon and started to prepare for the journey home. Tomorrow will be the last appointment with Dr. W. and then the home experiment with the photons will begin....


nora said...

The tortilla is a typical spanish dish!
Glad you like the different foods at the different places!

(we in Europe love reading the comments by foreigners...and reading about things that are can google such websites too)

Jennifer said...

I have family and actually a host brother who is a doctor in Tuebingen, he's an oncologist, but could write a prescription for whatever german therapy I need. I find your treatment very promising. I'm in a lyme fog right now and can barely type this, but could you forward me the specific treatment protocol to my perosnal email?

yes, that's german from schnuddelbuddel, a german kids book.

good luck, and hope this contineus to work for you!

Jenn kane