Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photon Treatment #4

Today was treatment day #4. I did the photon treatment, ozone therapy, IV detoxification treatment, and SCENAR. It was a busy day. I arrived at just before 1pm and did not leave the office until amost 7pm. For those coming over, expect to possibly spend much of the day of an appointment at the office. I don't plan anything else on "treatment days".

Being here continues to be great fun. The language barrier is not too difficult and at times can be somewhat comical. Today, when my friend Russ was being treated with ozone, the assistant doing the treatment said "Do you have terror?" when she really meant "Are you feeling anxious?". It was kind of a funny moment. For the most part, communicating here with the office staff is not terribly difficult though can take explaining some things a couple of times to be sure everyone is on the same page.

After several attempts at getting blood today from my friend Russ, they joked that they often call these people a German word which I did not catch, but the translation was "Swiss cheese" after the patient is so difficult that it takes a few tries to get the needle just the way they need it.

Today, the ozone was a bit challenging for me but all turned out fine. One of the tubes did not behave properly and some of the blood spilled out and we had to do the treatment again. This is not entirely uncommon and has happened to friends of mine doing ozone in California as well. It is just something to be prepared for. The ozone treatment can be a little unusual for those that have not had it before or are not used to seeing blood. Nevertheless, their office is very professional and never once I have I felt as though something was being done that was unsafe or unprofessional.

I talked quite a bit with Dr. W. today about photon treatments. He suggests that if the photon treatment does not work for Lyme after the first 5-8 treatments and D60 or D200 potency is still testing, this is often a sign that EMFs or electro-smog are an issue and are impacting the efficacy of the treatment.

He also feels that supplements are best avoided during photon treatment, at least at the onset. He feels that the treatment is still too early to know how supplements and photons interact, but that in his experience, the photons work better when supplements are avoided. He calls me "Super Supplement Boy" as I had the most supplements he had ever seen one person taking.

I did a SCENAR treatment with Dr. W. today as well. It lasted about an hour. I still have to understand more about exactly what it all meant but it essentially helps cellular communication, removes blockage, and helps to detoxify. As the treatment ensued, I started feeling drops of sweat coming out from under my arms and then more and more. It was a bit embarrassing and I finally asked if that was common. He said it was common and meant that the body was detoxing things that the treatment was mobilizing. Whew... I thought I was going to have to go back to a stronger antiperspirant.

The treatment was mixed with some chiropractic and was very good. Dr. W. indicates that my head is not correctly aligned on my neck and that my spine has some scoliosis likely from a car accident in 1993. This fortunately is consistent with another practitioner I started working with just about 2 months ago in the US and so I felt good that I will continue to address that issue when I return. His chiropractic treatments are absolutely amazing. One suggestion if you do them - relax. It makes the treatment work so much better. Just let go and don't resist. It is easier said than done.

Dr. W. is someone I feel very blessed to have been treated by. He clearly has some very good ideas about Lyme disease and options for treating that are unique. I would however caution anyone planning to come here to have reasonable expectations. Lyme will not be cured in 3 weeks. It may not be cured in 3 months. Generally, with German patients, Dr. W. works with them for about 3 months before he feels that the major work around Borrelia has been completed. Thus, it would be difficult for anyone coming for only 3 weeks to comment on the efficacy of the treatment. Thus, other than to say that it has been less noticeable for me than it has for some others, I am optimistic and will continue the treatments at home after I return next week. Hopefully, a few months down the road, I will be able to comment further.

This may not be the cure to everything that ails us, but it certainly does seem to be a piece of the puzzle. Whether or not the puzzle of chronic illness is solved with photons remains to be seen, but the puzzle is becoming a bit more clear as a result of this treatment.

On a side note, Germans here this week are very excited that we have a new President. Today at the "backerei" where they spoke limited English, the lady picked up the paper and pointed to Obama and said "Good" and smiled. I was told by someone else today that Americans are far less liked now in Europe than they were before George Bush was in office. We have a lot of healing to do on many levels....

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