Monday, November 10, 2008

Illness is a Bad State of the Mind

Dr. W. made an interesting comment to me today in my last appointment. He mentioned that "illness is a bad state of the mind".

In times past, I would have been insulted by such a comment coming from a doctor as I would have interpreted such a statement to mean "it is all in your head". However, after learning about the Klinghardt Axiom and how past emotional conflicts impact our health, I can now accept that some portion of our illnesses are due to emotional traumas, how we think about ourselves, and how we respond to things that happen to us.

The exploration of how to overcome the emotional factors that contribute to illness is still one that I believe I need to further investigate. We all have issues. We all need better ways to deal with these disease contributing factors.

I remember hearing a prominent LLMD in the US recently state that a very significant number of his patients have had some history of abuse or severe psychological trauma.

Dr. W.'s comment made me stop and think that these emotional co-factors are worth further investigation. Our bodies know how to get well. They know how to let go of our illnesses. We just have to create the right environment to allow this....

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Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


I think it's a good idea for all of us to investigate this aspect of healing. I'm glad you are thinking of doing so, as well. (Of course, my perspective is that much chronic illness begins in the spirit. My own experiences seem to confirm this, too).

As an example, about a month ago I was doing an over-the-phone energetic treatment for my thyroid and after the session I developed a pain in my leg, which I've now had for over a month! It's been frustrating, but the practitioner told me that it was the result of a subconscious issue "coming up" for healing. That issue was a fear of "moving forward" in a certain area of my life--and the symptom appeared so that I would pay attention to this fear and resolve it. I have never had pain in my legs with Lyme or otherwise--and I did not injure it, for sure. It just showed up one day!

Anyway, thanks again for your thoughtful and wonderfully informative posts!