Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BetterHealthGuy Busted!

I returned to the exhibits today at Medicine Week. There wasn't really too much I had not already seen earlier in the week. However, I did get a chance to have lunch with Dr. Klinghardt, my biggest mentor. We are working on an article for Public Health Alert for early next year. I always enjoy Dr. Klinghardt's insights and getting to spend some time with him outside of our patient/doctor relationship. He is a brilliant man and someone I have the utmost respect for.

Unfortunately, when we went through the line together to get lunch, I decided to get just a drink and eat elsewhere later. I grabbed a "Coca Light" which is "Diet Coke". Dr. Klinghardt immediately told me "That's diet!!". BetterHealthGuy was busted on the spot by his favorite doctor for drinking a toxic poison!

Fortunately, I don't drink any soda at home, but here, the price of water is more than the price of soda and I figured that with my no-gluten holiday, a few Diet Cokes wouldn't be too terribly bad for me.

Next treatment is Thurday. Nothing planned yet for tomorrow. Friday, I may go to a little town to listen to ART II being taught by Dr. Klinghardt in German. I will probably not understand much of it, but I am very interested to see what a Klinghardt seminar in Germany is like. It should be exciting.

I then went to the pumpkin soup restaurant only to find that they were out of pumpkin soup. After I dealt with the emotional issues around them having no more pumpkin soup, I found something else to order and then returned back to Dobel. :)

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An Educated Patient said...

thanks for all your posts..great stuff.
i hope you continue to get better and better.
hey you can find water in germany at the health food stores just look for lack of minerals or fizz. i don't know why they like their mineral waters so much.
and, if you can fund it, i highly recommend heading into stuttgart tomorrow to see a soccer/football game:
a wild time you won't forget!