Monday, November 3, 2008

Photon Treatment #3

Today was the 3rd of 5 treatments planned. The next will be Thursday and the final will be next Monday. I think even when I complete the treatment here, it will take more time to really determine the ultimate benefits of the therapy.

I did ozone again today as well. No negative reaction like I had the 2nd ozone treatment. I do think the ozone is helpful and is something I will do more of as well when I return home. The photo above is a picture of me with the nurse that does many of the treatments at Dr. W.'s office.

I believe enough in the treatment that I will return with a machine that I can continue treating with at home for other issues besides Borrelia. I cannot however say that I have seen any significant progress with the first 3 treatments. I think it is unreasonable to expect miracles in a few short weeks with the complexities of the illnesses most of us with Lyme have.

There are two others here now that are being treated as well and I think their comments would be similar. Optimism is present. A belief that the treatment can provide benefits is also present. However, there are no easy miracles and it will take more time to realize the benefits of the photons.

I had a friend of mine ask whether or not it was worth coming here for treatment. I think at this time, I am cautiously optimistic. If one can afford to come to Germany to do the treatment, I would say do it. However, I think more time is needed to fully determine how Americans with complex Lyme illnesses do over time.

Other than that, today was a quiet day. Went to the mall. Stopped at a bakery. Bought some groceries. Had a pizza.

My 4th treatment is Thursday. I will likely return to Baden-Baden tomorrow to go through more of the exhibits and see what I might find there again.

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