Saturday, November 8, 2008

Basel, Switzerland

It's Saturday and I wanted to spend the last couple of days seeing as much as I possibly can. I went to Basel, Switzerland today. Saw the Munster Cathedral and walked several miles around the main shopping district. Lots of wonderful sites including a stark contrast between the Cathedral and the carnival going on around it.

I rode the ferris wheel and the views from the top were amazing...even if I was ready to wet myself from how high it was!

Found a wondeful Italian restaurant that had Pumpkin soup - my favorite. It was great. Also had a spinach canneloni which was good, but the soup was the best.
I just couldn't resist taking a picture under the "Schmuck" sign.

The drive was about two hours each way and I am glad to be back. It is a lot to do the photons and track around Europe as the photons seem to make everyone feel a bit fatigued. Tomorrow is my last day to be a tourist here. Monday is the final day at the doctor's office, final treatment, and then back to the US on Tuesday.
I am excited about the things I have learned here and hope to see these new tools provide continued improvements over time. Biophoton therapy is still in its infancy but I think that the possibility to benefit from it now is very real.

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