Sunday, November 2, 2008

In Honor Of You My Dear Friend...

As I sit here in Germany this morning continuing the quest to find answers and better health, I received an email today that a dear friend of mine with Lyme disease passed away from complications of the disease. Leslie Wermers was someone I met at a Lyme conference a couple of years ago and just traded hugs and conversation with two weeks ago in San Francisco as she continued to volunteer her time to help all of us.

Many of you will recognize Leslie from the film "Under Our Skin" where she was an activist for those that have died of this disease.

It saddens me deeply that a wonderful person has been taken by this disease.

We must continue our fight, continue our search for answers, and continue to find solutions. My friend was a light in this world. I was so blessed to know her.

In honor of you, my friend, Leslie, I hold you in my heart.

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Alison said...

Hi Scott,

I'm sorry about Leslie's passing. Wonder what complications got her, since you had seen her so recently?

You're experience with the bloodwork was fascinating. And I've tried Taurine before and can't tolerate...AT ALL. Maybe that's why, feeds the bugs.

So glad you're having a productive time.

Be well.


Again condolences for your friend.

: )