Sunday, November 2, 2008

Medicine Week in Baden Baden

Today was Disneyland for me! I went to Baden-Baden around 11am and stayed until about 6pm looking at the exhbitors at Medicine Week. One of the highlights of the day was talking to Dr. Robert Bradford. I will share that in another post as there was a lot that I learned.

The exhibit hall was four stories tall and over a hundred different exhibits were available. Unfortunately, many of them were not in English, but I still got a lot of good information from the day and was very impressed with it. It seems that Germany is quite different from the US in terms of treatment of illnesses. There were more EAV testing machines, ozone machines, colonic machines, etc. than I had ever seen in my entire life combined. I felt very at home in this space and energy. There were also loads of biotensors.

I found a booth that was for Dr. Klinghardt. Unfortunately, the gentleman did not speak any English but it was still very fun to see Dr. Klinghardt's booth as you all know that he has been such a key part of my journey.

I found the Rechts Regulat booth and talked with them for awhile. Got a few free samples as well. They have a new product coming out that is for Diabetes. They also have a whole line of Rechts Regulat products now for pets that was just released.

I had a good discussion with Mr. Buschkühl. He heads up the company that created the Bionic 880 which is the device that Dr. W. is using for the treatment of Borreliosis (Lyme Disease) and the main reason I came to Germany. He feels very confident that the device will cure Borreliosis. It can be used for other things as well such as depression, weight loss, balancing hormones, and more. It was nice to meet him in person and I look forward to more of what his machine may do in terms of bringing benefits to my health and to others who are also trying it.

All in all, the day was remarkable. I have a pile of material in German that I will bring home to my German friends to read. Well, that's all for now....

I'll create a separate blog entry next to talk about my experience with Dr. Bradford, the highlight of the day.

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