Monday, November 10, 2008

So...There is More...

I said the last post might be my last from Germany, but I have more to tell....

The trip to the airport was a non-issue and we arrived in Stuttgart around 7pm. Unfortunately, it was already dark and so finding the hotel which was not in our GPS was a bit challenging. It was more challenging that there are 2 hotels with the same name right across the street from each other.

Finally, we parked the car near one of them and the only elevator was blocked off. So we walked down the traffic lane and into the hotel.

We finally got to the room which was the best room I have ever stayed in. High tech beyond belief. I'll try to post the photos another time as I cannot get them right now. When you walk into the room, you put the key into the wall and everything lights up like a toy store.

We found a cart for the luggage just like the grocery stores that takes 1 euro to unlock.

They then told us where to park and we moved the car to the appropriate garage. We then decided to take all 4 of our bags (which had grown from our arrival) to check in early tonight. Unfortunately, KLM does not do early check-in.

They told us to go to Customs to get our stamp for the Bionic. We finally found customs after asking 10 people and learning that the word we needed was "Zoll" and that the "Zoll" sits secretly between an exit and a flower shop.

Then the lady with the gun came out and told us we have to come back tomorrow at 5:30am. The flight is at 6:20am so the cards are already stacked against a good morning, but that is all we can do they tell us.

So, we went to Burger King, ate our last terribly unhealthy meal, had a great sundae with oreos and likely the last diet coke before returning, we hope, to the US tomorrow.

That 1 euro cart was well worth it as it now sits right next to my bed overnight. Hopefully, no 2am alarm goes off when it finds it is not where it should be.

Then the rental car had to be returned. That was fortunately not too difficult except they could not print a receipt and so I have no idea how much the bill actually was. Since they wanted me to return to another counter to get that information, I decided to come back to the hotel.

I then walked through the airport with my underwear in my arms that I had taken out previously and left in the car when I actually still believed I might be able to check my bags tonight.

It is now 9pm and I have to get up at 4am.

Morals - wear a watch (would have been good many times on this trip), don't arrive in a big city after dark, and don't leave the first flight out, and find a better way to carry around your underwear....

Fingers crossed.

You Have Lost Your Lyme Disease!

This will be my last post from Germany, and possibly my last post on the topic of photon therapy for awhile....

Today was my final appointment with Dr. W. I was not expecting to be fully free of Lyme disease as I had only had 4 treatments. Most people have 5 treatments and then wait for 3 days and then are evaluated to see if they have been freed of the Borrelia. In my case, I could not stay long enough and so we were planning to do the 5th treatment and testing on the same day.

We started at 8am with the testing and after doing a number of tests on the Bicom, I was feeling pretty optimistic. I could tell that the tests were going well and after the last one, Dr. W. proclaimed "You have lost your Lyme disease. Super!". It felt quite remarkable to have someone tell you that you are now free of the thing that has made you a prisoner for over 12 years. It was a wonderful moment.

Of course, it is no secret that I still do not feel any significant physical changes. In fact, overall, I probably feel a little worse as the process of ridding the body of the Lyme disease is not an easy one. It feels like a strong herx at times. Photons combined with ozone is a powerful treatment, each that can make one feel quite toxic as the body processes everything it must.

I asked Dr. W. for some guidance on next steps for treatment now that the Borrelia is "lost". He tested a number of nosodes from the collection I had acquired while here in Germany. What we found was that "Candida Albicans" was the most signfiicant issue. A 9 on a 1-10 scale. This was my intuition as well. I think many of us are missing the fungal issues. This also correlated to what Dr. Bradford saw in the darkfield in a previous blog post - that the immune system was engulfing the Lyme but that fungus was a major issue.

He also found HHV-6 to be an important issue as well as FSME, a tick-borne virus commonly found in Germany. So, my next steps are to treat for these and other issues when I return home. I am to check for the Borrelia once monthly for three months and then retreat with photons if needed. Otherwise, the Borrelia has been resolved.

Whether or not "resolved" means that the infection is entirely erradicated from my body or just that my body now lives in harmony with it is unknown. It could be a combination of both an immune awakening and some newly formed contract between my body and the spirochetes. In any event, Dr. W. indicates that they Borrelia is no longer a factor that would be contributing to any ongoing health problems.

The photons themselves likely do not kill infections, but they may instead be powerful immune-modulators helping the immune system to mount an attack. Only time will tell, but this is the most amount of optimism I have felt about truly leaving this illness behind in some time. The ensuing months will be required to see if the physical condition improves now that there is no longer any energetic presence of the disease.
When Dr. W. gave me back my supplements (which he affectionately termed my Teddy Bear), I replaced them with an actual teddy bear that I left him to remember our journey together and to serve as a reminder of my thanks and gratitude for all that he has done. Dr. W. is a brilliant practitioner that has much to offer.

I think there will still need to be an evolution of his treatment to address Americans more specifically, but I am happy that I came and feel blessed to have crossed paths with Dr. W. in Germany.

So many people have written to me asking if they should come to Germany. The answer is that I don't know. I don't know where this will lead in the next several months. 3 weeks does not a full recovery make. It will take time. The protocol will likely evolve. It is not a miracle cure. It seems that most do not leave feeling much better in such a short time, but the question is how will they continue to recover now that the ringleader has been booted from the throne? Only time will tell, but for now, I smile with optimism.

Illness is a Bad State of the Mind

Dr. W. made an interesting comment to me today in my last appointment. He mentioned that "illness is a bad state of the mind".

In times past, I would have been insulted by such a comment coming from a doctor as I would have interpreted such a statement to mean "it is all in your head". However, after learning about the Klinghardt Axiom and how past emotional conflicts impact our health, I can now accept that some portion of our illnesses are due to emotional traumas, how we think about ourselves, and how we respond to things that happen to us.

The exploration of how to overcome the emotional factors that contribute to illness is still one that I believe I need to further investigate. We all have issues. We all need better ways to deal with these disease contributing factors.

I remember hearing a prominent LLMD in the US recently state that a very significant number of his patients have had some history of abuse or severe psychological trauma.

Dr. W.'s comment made me stop and think that these emotional co-factors are worth further investigation. Our bodies know how to get well. They know how to let go of our illnesses. We just have to create the right environment to allow this....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winding Down....

Tomorrow is the last treatment and Tuesday I return home.

Today, I went to Bad Wilbad and had lunch at one of only two places open. Sundays are like a ghost town in Germany - everything is closed. At first it did not look too appealing, but it turned out to be great. Started with a wonderful potato soup with sunflower seeds and some unknown other things on top. Wow. Then had a cake called "tortilla" but was really a big, heavy mix of potatoes and onions with egg. It was interesting and quite tasty.

The only downside was that the owner and only worker in the place seemed to have a cold and kept making horrific snotting noises and then serving up the food. That was enough to make me not want to eat there but the food had already arrived....

Then I went to the Bad Wildbad spa called "Palais Thermal". It was not as good in my opinion as the one in Baden Baden and I accidentally ended up in the "Douche Damen". This one had lots of heavy, naked people running around in it. After staying there for awhile, I started getting a bit of a detox headache and decided I had enough for the day.

Returned to the guest house in Dobel in the afternoon and started to prepare for the journey home. Tomorrow will be the last appointment with Dr. W. and then the home experiment with the photons will begin....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Basel, Switzerland

It's Saturday and I wanted to spend the last couple of days seeing as much as I possibly can. I went to Basel, Switzerland today. Saw the Munster Cathedral and walked several miles around the main shopping district. Lots of wonderful sites including a stark contrast between the Cathedral and the carnival going on around it.

I rode the ferris wheel and the views from the top were amazing...even if I was ready to wet myself from how high it was!

Found a wondeful Italian restaurant that had Pumpkin soup - my favorite. It was great. Also had a spinach canneloni which was good, but the soup was the best.
I just couldn't resist taking a picture under the "Schmuck" sign.

The drive was about two hours each way and I am glad to be back. It is a lot to do the photons and track around Europe as the photons seem to make everyone feel a bit fatigued. Tomorrow is my last day to be a tourist here. Monday is the final day at the doctor's office, final treatment, and then back to the US on Tuesday.
I am excited about the things I have learned here and hope to see these new tools provide continued improvements over time. Biophoton therapy is still in its infancy but I think that the possibility to benefit from it now is very real.

Friday, November 7, 2008

ART in German!

Today was another great day. No treatment until Monday which will be the final treatment and then I return home on Tuesday. It will take much more time with the new tools I have received here to see how they will eventually benefit me. I am optimistic however but as I have said, 3 weeks is not enough time to reverse years of chronic illness.

This morning, I went to Kirchzarten, Germany to participate in Autonomic Response Testing (ART) II. The course was taught in German and I thus understood very little. Fortunately, the topic was one I understand and I could follow some portions, but not as much as I would like. It is odd being the only person in a room that isn't understanding what the teacher is saying!

I enjoyed the energy of a Klinghardt event though; the love and open-mindedness that fills a room, the brilliant people that are attracted to Dr. Klinghardt, my mentor, doctor, and friend. In Germany, the singing is even more powerful than in the US; louder, more enthusiastic.

The conference was much larger than in the US. It was great to see a large auditorium full of people that want to learn about the teachings of the man that helped to lead me out of the darkest time of my life and to a better place.

After a several hours, I left and went to Freiburg, Germany where I saw the Cathedral and had a wonderful Mexican lunch. First Mexican restaurant I had seen since coming to Germany and since that is one of my favorite foods, I was very excited. It was incredibly good!

After walking around a couple of hours and having another "backerie" stop, I headed back to Dobel. After signing off, I am going to relax for the rest of the night and watch some TV. Fortunately, iTunes can download just about anything on TV or movies so I have been able to watch programs from home while here.

All in all, this trip has been tremendous for me and I am already feeling the stress of just the thought of returning home. 3 days to go.....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Photon Treatment #4

Today was treatment day #4. I did the photon treatment, ozone therapy, IV detoxification treatment, and SCENAR. It was a busy day. I arrived at just before 1pm and did not leave the office until amost 7pm. For those coming over, expect to possibly spend much of the day of an appointment at the office. I don't plan anything else on "treatment days".

Being here continues to be great fun. The language barrier is not too difficult and at times can be somewhat comical. Today, when my friend Russ was being treated with ozone, the assistant doing the treatment said "Do you have terror?" when she really meant "Are you feeling anxious?". It was kind of a funny moment. For the most part, communicating here with the office staff is not terribly difficult though can take explaining some things a couple of times to be sure everyone is on the same page.

After several attempts at getting blood today from my friend Russ, they joked that they often call these people a German word which I did not catch, but the translation was "Swiss cheese" after the patient is so difficult that it takes a few tries to get the needle just the way they need it.

Today, the ozone was a bit challenging for me but all turned out fine. One of the tubes did not behave properly and some of the blood spilled out and we had to do the treatment again. This is not entirely uncommon and has happened to friends of mine doing ozone in California as well. It is just something to be prepared for. The ozone treatment can be a little unusual for those that have not had it before or are not used to seeing blood. Nevertheless, their office is very professional and never once I have I felt as though something was being done that was unsafe or unprofessional.

I talked quite a bit with Dr. W. today about photon treatments. He suggests that if the photon treatment does not work for Lyme after the first 5-8 treatments and D60 or D200 potency is still testing, this is often a sign that EMFs or electro-smog are an issue and are impacting the efficacy of the treatment.

He also feels that supplements are best avoided during photon treatment, at least at the onset. He feels that the treatment is still too early to know how supplements and photons interact, but that in his experience, the photons work better when supplements are avoided. He calls me "Super Supplement Boy" as I had the most supplements he had ever seen one person taking.

I did a SCENAR treatment with Dr. W. today as well. It lasted about an hour. I still have to understand more about exactly what it all meant but it essentially helps cellular communication, removes blockage, and helps to detoxify. As the treatment ensued, I started feeling drops of sweat coming out from under my arms and then more and more. It was a bit embarrassing and I finally asked if that was common. He said it was common and meant that the body was detoxing things that the treatment was mobilizing. Whew... I thought I was going to have to go back to a stronger antiperspirant.

The treatment was mixed with some chiropractic and was very good. Dr. W. indicates that my head is not correctly aligned on my neck and that my spine has some scoliosis likely from a car accident in 1993. This fortunately is consistent with another practitioner I started working with just about 2 months ago in the US and so I felt good that I will continue to address that issue when I return. His chiropractic treatments are absolutely amazing. One suggestion if you do them - relax. It makes the treatment work so much better. Just let go and don't resist. It is easier said than done.

Dr. W. is someone I feel very blessed to have been treated by. He clearly has some very good ideas about Lyme disease and options for treating that are unique. I would however caution anyone planning to come here to have reasonable expectations. Lyme will not be cured in 3 weeks. It may not be cured in 3 months. Generally, with German patients, Dr. W. works with them for about 3 months before he feels that the major work around Borrelia has been completed. Thus, it would be difficult for anyone coming for only 3 weeks to comment on the efficacy of the treatment. Thus, other than to say that it has been less noticeable for me than it has for some others, I am optimistic and will continue the treatments at home after I return next week. Hopefully, a few months down the road, I will be able to comment further.

This may not be the cure to everything that ails us, but it certainly does seem to be a piece of the puzzle. Whether or not the puzzle of chronic illness is solved with photons remains to be seen, but the puzzle is becoming a bit more clear as a result of this treatment.

On a side note, Germans here this week are very excited that we have a new President. Today at the "backerei" where they spoke limited English, the lady picked up the paper and pointed to Obama and said "Good" and smiled. I was told by someone else today that Americans are far less liked now in Europe than they were before George Bush was in office. We have a lot of healing to do on many levels....

A Tribute to Leslie Rae Wermers

Andy Abrahams Wilson put this tribute together for Leslie Wermers and I found it very touching and hope that you will also.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Day in Stuttgart

Today was an off day for treatment. Tomorrow is treatment #4 with the photons. I went to Stuttgart for the day to see the birthplace of my dear friend and mentor GiGi. It was a great day. I walked for miles and have to say that I am feeling a bit tired tonight but I really did run around for a good eight hours, most of it on foot, up and down stairs, etc. So, I expect I will sleep good tonight. I have noticed that the photon treatments also make you a little more tired at times.

I took the train from Pforzheim to Stuttgart and then visited the main shopping district near the train station. It was a plethora of upscale stores and lots of wonderful bakeries. In fact, a bakery on every block if not two or three. Of course, one has to sample these delights to fully take in the culture. In the photo above, you can see the large strudel. I have never seen such a big strudel!

After several hours of walking, I then went to "The Television Tower". The views from the top were superb. A little bit hazy but just remarkable.

I then got back on the train and stopped at another train stop and then walked a good ways again to the Killesburg Tower. This is the photo at the very top and below. It is almost like free-hanging stairs that you walk to the top. I am not the best with heights but it was a must-do as well.

After having spent a good full day in Stuttgart, it was time to get back on the train and head back to Pforzheim and then drive back to Dobel to watch some TV and get ready for treatment tomorrow.

This country is such a wonderful, beautiful place.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BetterHealthGuy Busted!

I returned to the exhibits today at Medicine Week. There wasn't really too much I had not already seen earlier in the week. However, I did get a chance to have lunch with Dr. Klinghardt, my biggest mentor. We are working on an article for Public Health Alert for early next year. I always enjoy Dr. Klinghardt's insights and getting to spend some time with him outside of our patient/doctor relationship. He is a brilliant man and someone I have the utmost respect for.

Unfortunately, when we went through the line together to get lunch, I decided to get just a drink and eat elsewhere later. I grabbed a "Coca Light" which is "Diet Coke". Dr. Klinghardt immediately told me "That's diet!!". BetterHealthGuy was busted on the spot by his favorite doctor for drinking a toxic poison!

Fortunately, I don't drink any soda at home, but here, the price of water is more than the price of soda and I figured that with my no-gluten holiday, a few Diet Cokes wouldn't be too terribly bad for me.

Next treatment is Thurday. Nothing planned yet for tomorrow. Friday, I may go to a little town to listen to ART II being taught by Dr. Klinghardt in German. I will probably not understand much of it, but I am very interested to see what a Klinghardt seminar in Germany is like. It should be exciting.

I then went to the pumpkin soup restaurant only to find that they were out of pumpkin soup. After I dealt with the emotional issues around them having no more pumpkin soup, I found something else to order and then returned back to Dobel. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


I may have noticed my first effects from the photons last night. Others that have been treated here before often commented on night sweats being observed after the treatment, some quite heavy. I had minor but notable night sweats last night after the photon treatment. Maybe I am starting to feel the effects of the photons a bit. Time will tell...

Photon Treatment #3

Today was the 3rd of 5 treatments planned. The next will be Thursday and the final will be next Monday. I think even when I complete the treatment here, it will take more time to really determine the ultimate benefits of the therapy.

I did ozone again today as well. No negative reaction like I had the 2nd ozone treatment. I do think the ozone is helpful and is something I will do more of as well when I return home. The photo above is a picture of me with the nurse that does many of the treatments at Dr. W.'s office.

I believe enough in the treatment that I will return with a machine that I can continue treating with at home for other issues besides Borrelia. I cannot however say that I have seen any significant progress with the first 3 treatments. I think it is unreasonable to expect miracles in a few short weeks with the complexities of the illnesses most of us with Lyme have.

There are two others here now that are being treated as well and I think their comments would be similar. Optimism is present. A belief that the treatment can provide benefits is also present. However, there are no easy miracles and it will take more time to realize the benefits of the photons.

I had a friend of mine ask whether or not it was worth coming here for treatment. I think at this time, I am cautiously optimistic. If one can afford to come to Germany to do the treatment, I would say do it. However, I think more time is needed to fully determine how Americans with complex Lyme illnesses do over time.

Other than that, today was a quiet day. Went to the mall. Stopped at a bakery. Bought some groceries. Had a pizza.

My 4th treatment is Thursday. I will likely return to Baden-Baden tomorrow to go through more of the exhibits and see what I might find there again.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

In Honor Of You My Dear Friend...

As I sit here in Germany this morning continuing the quest to find answers and better health, I received an email today that a dear friend of mine with Lyme disease passed away from complications of the disease. Leslie Wermers was someone I met at a Lyme conference a couple of years ago and just traded hugs and conversation with two weeks ago in San Francisco as she continued to volunteer her time to help all of us.

Many of you will recognize Leslie from the film "Under Our Skin" where she was an activist for those that have died of this disease.

It saddens me deeply that a wonderful person has been taken by this disease.

We must continue our fight, continue our search for answers, and continue to find solutions. My friend was a light in this world. I was so blessed to know her.

In honor of you, my friend, Leslie, I hold you in my heart.

Medicine Week in Baden Baden

Today was Disneyland for me! I went to Baden-Baden around 11am and stayed until about 6pm looking at the exhbitors at Medicine Week. One of the highlights of the day was talking to Dr. Robert Bradford. I will share that in another post as there was a lot that I learned.

The exhibit hall was four stories tall and over a hundred different exhibits were available. Unfortunately, many of them were not in English, but I still got a lot of good information from the day and was very impressed with it. It seems that Germany is quite different from the US in terms of treatment of illnesses. There were more EAV testing machines, ozone machines, colonic machines, etc. than I had ever seen in my entire life combined. I felt very at home in this space and energy. There were also loads of biotensors.

I found a booth that was for Dr. Klinghardt. Unfortunately, the gentleman did not speak any English but it was still very fun to see Dr. Klinghardt's booth as you all know that he has been such a key part of my journey.

I found the Rechts Regulat booth and talked with them for awhile. Got a few free samples as well. They have a new product coming out that is for Diabetes. They also have a whole line of Rechts Regulat products now for pets that was just released.

I had a good discussion with Mr. Buschkühl. He heads up the company that created the Bionic 880 which is the device that Dr. W. is using for the treatment of Borreliosis (Lyme Disease) and the main reason I came to Germany. He feels very confident that the device will cure Borreliosis. It can be used for other things as well such as depression, weight loss, balancing hormones, and more. It was nice to meet him in person and I look forward to more of what his machine may do in terms of bringing benefits to my health and to others who are also trying it.

All in all, the day was remarkable. I have a pile of material in German that I will bring home to my German friends to read. Well, that's all for now....

I'll create a separate blog entry next to talk about my experience with Dr. Bradford, the highlight of the day.

Gästehaus Klein

My accomodations here in Germany have been just superb. I have been staing at Gästehaus Klein in Dobel, Germany. I learned about this from my dear friend GiGi who also stayed here when she came to Germany for photon therapy.

Ms. Klein is very nice and fun to talk with and get to know. The price is very reasonable and it is only a short drive to Dr. W's office.

A few things in Germany take some getting used not having dryers for clothes and hanging your clothes on a line when they are washed, but that is a minor inconvenience for all the wonderful things Germany has to offer.

Dobel is a great little town with bakeries, a grocery store, and a couple of nice places to eat. It is so nice to get out of the fast lane of life for a couple of weeks and just focus on healing and recovery. I am already dreading going home in about 9 days!

If you come to Germany to be treated by Dr. W., I highly recommend Gästehaus Klein.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Really Really Guten!

So far, I just love everything about being here in Germany. It is an adventure with each new day. Learning new things along the way.

Today was another thirty-something birthday and I drove to Heidelberg to see the castle. I had been there once before but it is such a breathtaking view and is so worth going. When I first arrived, I walked up a big hill that seemed pretty desolate. Found a French restaurant with only 2 people in it. The food was fantastic. I had onion soup which was remarkable and then had to try the "Quiche Lorraine". It was not as amazing as the soup but was still quite good.

I did a little shopping. Well, I walked through a lot of shops. Today was a German holiday and everything was closed. So, it literally was window shopping since you could not go in.

Tomorrow, I plan to go back to Baden-Baden for the exhibits at Medicine Week. They say there are over 150 exhibitors and over 2000 doctors. I will be in heaven I think. Someone better take away my credit card now! :)

As for the treatment here, I start again on Monday. I am feeling pretty well over all. Not as toxic without all the supplements and anti-microbial herbs, antibiotics, etc. I am noticing a slight increase in numbness in my foot though not enough to be alarmed. I am not on any supplements right now other than thyroid and melatonin. Dr. W. took them all away and locked them up in his office. When I did some basic muscle testing, I got that the slight increase in sensations is related to the massive amounts of gluten I have been consuming. It has been worth it! :)