Friday, October 31, 2008


Today was another day of free time. I don't see Dr. W. again until Monday for treatment #3. Next week is an exciting conference in Baden-Baden. The largest medical conference in Germany. Many of the world's top doctors will be here. I am planning to go to the exhibit hall and see what more I can learn while I am here.

Today, I went to Baden-Baden to purchase some additional nosodes from a pharmacy there to use with the Bionic when I get home. HHV-6 primarily. Alot of this is still in its infancy and I think that we will all learn from each other as we continue to use the photons for treatment. Dr. W. does a remarkable job from what we can tell with the Lyme and over time, the photons may address other issues. However, I am also going to try and treat some specific infections with the photons as well using nosodes that I am purchasing while I am here. We'll see how this works over the next several months.

While in Baden-Baden, I went to one of the world's most famous spas called Caracalla. It was really quite relaxing. Lots of people relaxing in pools of various temperatures. It seemed like a very social thing to do and very relaxing. I started up one staircase and then read that it said "Naked only" so I headed right back down even faster than I had gone up. :)

For lunch, I had a wonderful combination of pumpkin soup and gnocchi. They don't really go together, but they were amazing. The pumpkin soup was so amazing I may go back just for the soup next week.

The other three here at the guest house leave at 4am so it will be quiet now. I am kind of bummed that they are leaving. We made some nice connections and it has been fun having them here. I know that our journey will keep us in communication as we continue to experience the benefits of the photons when we return.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Treatment #2

Today was my second photon treatment. The treatment went well. I didn't notice much from the photons like the others have but then my initial load was less and Dr. W. suggested I may not feel as much.

He joked with me right away today "Scottie...are you missing your teddy bear?" referring of course to the supplements that he confiscated and still keeps in his office away from my reach...

I then did an ozone treatment. This was a little rougher than the first time. As the blood was reintroduced after being ozonated, I started seeing flashing lights and feeling very warm. My heart started to beat very rapidly and strongly. I also got a very strong headache. They were fantastic though. Dr. W. came in to make sure everything was ok. They slowed the process down and it completed without any further problem. The headache continued. Dr. W. gave me a chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture to help with the headaches.

Dr. W. was very happy today as the other Dobel patients found a lovely coffee mug with human anatomy in English. Dr. W. was showing everyone his "coffee pot" and smiling with pride about his new gift. I have no idea how I can compete with that one. It was truly the perfect gift!

On the way home, we stopped at a big super-store and needed an alarm clock. I had to play charades with the workers and one of them was laughing so hard at my attempt to convey what I needed. I find the challenges of living here to be fun and just roll with it. Germany is a wonderful place. I could live here I think. This is my third trip to Germany and I know there will be more in the future. I think I will be sad when I have to leave in about 12 days.

Three others here at the same guest house leave on Saturday and then it will be a little lonely. It has been great to share our stories, treatments, approaches, etc. with each other and just to relate to people that don't think it is all in our head like most of the rest of the world. Again, I won't mention names, but they know who they are, and I was pleased to have gotten to know all of them.

Well, tomorrow is another off day. It may be time to go to Baden Baden to try the famous spas.

Off to bed...

What a Difference a Day Makes...

Last night when we were coming back from France, it was raining. This morning, the house awoke to a beautiful overnight snow. Today is treatment #2 so I am off to get to the doctor's office now but thought this was too beautiful not to post a picture.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Day of Adventure...and of Reflection....

Today, SixGoofyKids, Russ, and I had a day of adventure. We all had an off-day from treatment and decided to make the most of our surroundings. We went to Strasbourg, France where we climbed up (and then down) 330 narrow stairs to the top of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. The views were breathtaking. At the very top, we signed the guest book:

We left Lyme at the bottom. SixGoofyKids / BetterHealthGuy Long Live Photons

We had a wonderful lunch and then visited the "biscuit" store where loads of biscuits and candy were available. The store was remarkably beautiful. I was a bit nervous when SixGoofy paid for her few biscuits and it said 48 Euros. I almost dropped my bag and ran but fortunately, it wasn't as much as it appeared.

We then went to Camp de Struthof which was a concentration camp during WWII. Over 25,000 people were killed in this camp. It was very emotional. We were blessed to have met an 84 year-old man that had lived in the camps for over 2 years himself when he was 18 years old. He spent about 30 minutes talking to us about the camp. He visits only a couple of times a year and so we were very lucky. It was a special part of the day.

I found the camp very emotional. It was a dreary, rainy day and that seemed to fit very well with the sad, fearful energy that I felt at the camp.

We then went back to Strasbourg and had a nice French dinner. Lamb balls and kangaro were two of the items on the menu. Needless to say, I had chicken and french fries! Yes, true French Fries! :) The waitress was not the nicest and understood no English. I asked for the check and SixGoofy swears she said "Oui". To me, it seemed as though she made a face and then let out a deep-sounding belch!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I can of the various places we visited today. Off to bed now. It is late and also snowing here...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She Thinks Me Haves The Sh***

When "colon" tested as a weak system for me, I asked Dr. W. what he suggested and he said that he could get me a "medicament" which was good bacteria or probiotics. I asked at the Apotheke (pharmacy) if they had something. They did. The pharmacist told me that it would be very good for my diarrhea (which I did not have). I laughed, bought my probiotics, and went on my way...

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Today just a short update as I cannot stand the smoke in this Internet cafe and need to leave soon. I had a chiropractic treatment with Dr. W. and it was amazing. I have never felt so thoroughly adjusted in my life. Lots of snap, crackle, pop. He pushed on my back while he pulled up on my hip while I was lying face down and my whole body came apart and melted. It was truly amazing. He said that I clearly had many structural problems and uttered several 'not good' and 'oh my's. Interestingly, he found the same foci that my American chiropractor has found but clearly needs more work. He has scheduled me next week to learn to use the SCENAR.

Dr. W. also spent some time with me teaching me how to use the Biotensor. With him in the room, I seemed to do ok with it. We will see if I can replicate that myself.

Sadly, he would still now allow me to take my teddy bear home with me though he did comment that there were some good supplements in my boxes and of the two we tested, one of them still tested very good for me.

I am trying to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as possible. Clearly, this man is brilliant. Still working through how to make ongoing improvements I think in his program. He does not seem to have a big ego like many US doctors and that I really appreciate.

His staff is having fun with us trying out their English and the energy here is a good one.

I had a wonderful pizza for lunch and for the first time in 3 year, a diet coke. What is the world becoming? I certainly will not want to return home now to my no-gluten, no-fun diet.... But I will....

Russ is feeling a bit better but the photon treatment clearly was very powerful. I did not feel much but it varies from person to person and with my better score on the Bicom, he said I may not feel it right away. Next treatment is on Thursday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Treatment #1 - Oh no! Not My Teddy Bear!!

Today was treatment #1. I arrived with my friend Russ at the doctor's office around 1pm. I actually slept until 11am today and was rushing to get to the appointment. Then, it took some time to find parking but it all worked out.

My friend Russ is also from California and has had Lyme disease for a long time and is here being treated as well. It is great to have someone to travel here with to deal with all the little things that happen along the way like being locked in a parking garage in the dark....ok that comes later. But seriously, having someone to make the journey with has been incredibly helpful.

Staying here at the Klein's has been great as well as the others here are from Lymenet and thus we have a lot to discuss and share. It helped that they have been here for a week and so were able to share their experiences with me. I also had the wonderful benefit of having several friends that have come here before me that have shared so many of the do's and don't here in Germany. So far, things are going very well.

We had a translator that came to the appointment and Dr. W. was fantastic. His English is good though for some of the more complex things, the translator was quite helpful. I appreciated very much that we had her there to assist. I remember at one point sitting in the doctor's office when his assistant came in and they were both talking in German and I thought to myself that I felt like I was in the audience of a Spanish Soap Opera...or at least that is what I feel like when I accidentally turn the channel and find something where very little of it makes sense..... I digress....

Dr. W. seemed very concerned with the length of time I had been on antibiotics. He had a look of surprise on his face that someone would be given antibiotics for so long for Lyme disease. He went through my history and then we moved on to the testing.

Dr. W. uses a Bicom device to test various points on the hand for the vitality of specific organs and of the body as a whole. Most people seem to fall at about 70. I was about the same 70-80 I believe. He did say that my colon was a weak area as well as my lungs. Then, he introduces Borrelia into the testing process and most chronic Lyme patients score between 10 and 30. The lower the score, the worse the Lyme is. My score was 40-50 to which Dr. W. said "You clearly have Lyme but your treatment to date has been very successful!"

You just don't know how much that meant. It was validation of all the "crazy" things I have done for the past 3+ years to treat my condition. I knew at that moment that a significant piece of my getting there was a focus on detoxification and specifically of the heavy metals. I had some fear that he would find that it was still very bad and was pleased to hear that things appear to be going very well.

Dr. W. shared his thoughts that the Lyme is where the heavy metals are and that mercury and Lyme go hand-in-hand. The mecury enables the Borrelia to take hold in the body. He also stated that there is less of a problem with mercury in Germany and I wonder if this may be part of why Americans with Borrelia tend to be ill for so much longer.

He stressed that EMFs or "electrosmog" is a very, very important issue and that he feels that the more one is exposed to EMFs, the less benefit one may derive from the photon treatments. He suggests working to avoid EMFs at all possible costs. He was impressed when I told him that I turn the circuit breaker off to my bedroom every night before I go to sleep.

He shared that all cells have DNA and that photons are emitted from the DNA. EMFs, metals, viruses, and bacteria damage these emissions and hamper communications between cells.

Dr. W. suggests that supplements weaken the process of the photons helping to open and restore cellular communication within the body. He told me that I would be required to stop all supplements while being treated with the photons in Germany or the process may not work. I think he sensed my emotional attachment to my supplement program and he said "Give me your teddy bear". He wasn't kidding. He would not let me take any of my supplements out of his office except for thyroid and melatonin for sleep. All the rest of my overflowing boxes are sitting on a desk outside of his office. In one way, I miss them, and in another, I feel somehow free to leave more of this illness behind. We will retest before I return home to see what he suggests my body may want at that time.

This is NOT an easy therapy at all, and the reactions can be quite strong. I do not recommend that people try to get a device and do this on their own. A good doctor would be required to support this process. Ideally, one would come to Germany to work with Dr. W. I am getting ahead of myself as it is too early to comment on the outcome of the treatment after just one day. So, let's get back to today....

I walked to the pharmacy down the street to get the various products that he uses in the detox IV after the photon therapy is completed. Solidago for kidneys, Lymphomyosot for lymphatics, Hepar Compositum for liver, magnesium are all used in the IV after the treatment. Borrelia nosodes are also purchased for use with the photons.

I did my photon treatment which takes 10 sessions of 320 seconds each on a different point on the body. I could feel a mild awakening of some of the cells; a mild energetic sensation. Otherwise, I did not notice much. With a score of 50, Dr. W. suggested I may not feel a strong response.

I did the photons, the detox IV, and the ozone and that was it for the day. I go back tomorrow for some structural work with chiropractic to help the treatment work even better by allowing better flows of energy throughout the body.

When we returned to the parking garage, we quickly learned that we did not know how to get out and it took us a good 15 minutes to find someone that walked us to another floor to find a machine that was still working. Then, it would only take coins not bills. It finally got sorted out but not before there was a line of people behind us that we were blocking at the exit. They did not seem to bothered by it.

My friend Russ reacted much more strongly to the treatment with a pounding headache, nausea, and dizziness. He returned to the guesthouse and went right to bed and looked quite ill. His score was 10 and Dr. W. suggested that his infection was quite old and that his response to the photons would be more intense. It was.

Dr. W. suggested that CD57 scores can be tracked from session to session even and that the numbers clearly rise. I did one before I left CA and will do another when I return.

He also suggests that co-infections are helped by the photons as well though this is an area that they are continuing to adapt with their treatment protocol.

In aligning this to my understanding of the 5 Levels of Healing from Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. W. commented that this is healing on a higher level and that when you use the photons you don't need all the supplements as they are on a lower level. That made sense to me. I feel so blessed to have Dr. Klinghardt as one of my mentors, teachers, and friends. He has shaped so much of my understanding of these diseases and been such an important part of my journey.

When my friend Russ mentioned to Dr. W. that he had problems with memory, getting lost, etc., Dr. W. joked "Alzheimers". He said that it is the kind of thing that makes you forget that you paid the bill and you pay it twice and then joked "with the photons you won't have that problem and you will only pay me once". :)

It has been a long day and I am off to bed now. I feel blessed to be here. I thank the universe for all that have been a part of my journey. My friends at home and afar. My practitioners along the way. My fellow friends working through our own journeys with Lyme. You are all special and meaningful. Tonight, I go to bed smiling inside.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Ye Shall Rest

Germany seems to take Sunday as a day of rest to the extreme. Nothing is open. No grocery stores. Almost nowhere to eat. We went out today and found a sports bar called Palm Beach. They had a great chicken sandwich. I asked them what people do on Sundays and they said "go to McDonalds". Apparently, McDonalds one of the few places greedy enough not to honor the German culture and to remain open on Sundays. Well, since I am on a "no gluten holiday", I decided to get a McFlurry with Kit Kat which I enjoyed immensely.

I did drive to the doctor's office today to ensure I had the right place for the appointment tomorrow. Even took a picture in front of Dr. W.'s office. When I returned to Dobel, I showed the picture to the other patients staying here to which they replied "That's not his office". We laughed. I guess I will find his real office tomorrow. :)

It's been great staying here at the guest house with so many other people with Lyme disease and hearing about all of their experiences with Dr. W. so far. They tell me I will feel quite ill tomorrow if I follow in their pattern. I think that will make me smile and reinforce my belief and hope that this treatment can actually work.
Until then....

2 Additional Blogs

I wanted to share the blogs of 2 additional people here now getting treatment. They are a bit further down the road.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome to My New Dobel Home

After the quick excursion in Amsterdam, it was on to Stuttgart. Once in Stuttgart, I had reserved a car to drive to Dobel. Some good friends had suggested the new BMW 1 series which was the main reason I rented the car from the company I did. When I arrived, they said all they had was a Ford Focus. Nothing wrong with a Ford Focus, but I am in Germany. I wanted a German car! Fortunately, she did manage to get a BMW 1-series. It’s fun!

Then it was on to Dobel. Stopped at a grocery store after having made a wrong turn (many bad things turn into good ones) and picked up a few things to take to the guest house. Fortunately, a friend at home had given me a coin to use to get a grocery cart out of the locked stalls at the store. Worked like a charm. Unfortunately, I confused peanut butter for pate. I am glad I figured it out before I ended up at home with pate. Yuck! No one understood what I meant by soy milk or rice milk, so I guess a little cow vomit will have to do for a few days. :)

After having arrived at the guest house, I met several people from the US. It was great to talk with them and to hear of their progress. I will keep their names and stories private and allow them to share as they feel appropriate. It’s so nice though being here in the guest house with many people that have shared similar journeys in the past and are now sharing on this new healing journey together.

I’ve been up now for almost 30 hours with not more than a light nap here and there. So, I’m off to bed and looking forward to my first appointment with Dr. Woitzel on Monday.

So far so good. Almost there...

I left for the airport around 11am PT on Friday. Flight left at 3pm PT and arrived in Amsterdam about 10 hours later. The day started off perfectly as the weight of one of the three suitcases, the largest, hit the scale at exactly 50.00 lbs. Can't get much better than that.

I had a six hour layover in Amsterdam and am blogging now from the Amsterdam airport after having taken the train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal Station. There I went on a canal cruise and had lunch at Tivoli Pizza.

Yes, I was able make a deal with my doctor to allow me to eat gluten on the trip as it would be difficult to find food to eat otherwise. I have to say, the pizza was GREAT.

Leaving in about 15 minutes for Stuttgart and then will rent a car and drive to Dobel where I will be staying. It is now around 6am in California and I have been up now for over 24 hours. Still doing well but will be so happy to see a bed and a pillow in about six hours.

The worst problem of the day was when I dropped my passport on the floor in the nasty stall in the men's room in the Amsterdam airport. Being the germaphobe than I am, that was not a good moment. I am sure people were wondering why I was using soap on my passport.

Thanks for all the ongoing support. I am hopeful and look forward to blogging more about the trip. My first appointment with Dr. Woitzel is Monday.

Until later....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost Off...

Tomorrow is the big day. A long flight to Germany. I will be happy once I am settled in and the travel is behind me. I am currently off of all antibiotics for the first time since July 2005. I can tell that my body is adjusting to it and that the Borrelia may be peaking their heads out just a bit to see what it can get away with now that the antibiotics are gone.

I am three weeks now into the Full Cowden protocol. The herbs are very strong. Cumanda seems to be the one that I can tell is the most powerful and makes me feel more "herxy" than antibiotics have in quite a long time. I am glad that I can feel them doing something. If all goes well, the combination of the Cowden protocol and the photon treatments will hopefully keep me from having to go back on the antibiotics.

I feel optimistic but I am also a realist and have a plan already outlined if in fact I notice any significant changes that might warrant going back on antibiotics. Dr. H has reported very promising results with the Cowden protocol when people come off of antibiotics and I am hoping to be able to experience similar benefits. Month 2 of the protocol which I start next week has introduced three new products - Banderol, Mora, and Sparga.

Banderol has been around for awhile but was not part of the official protocol. It is thought that it may be slightly better than Cumanda for controlling yeast/fungi. Both Cumanda and Banderol seem to be quite powerful. Next is Mora. Mora is a new anti-microbial that may be helpful for the strains of Babesia that are not covered by Enula. Last is Sparga. Sparga is a sulphur detox product. Dr. Cowden has always had a focus on sulphur detox and that is almost always the first LED session that he performs. Having a product that will support daily detox of sulphur should add to the overall success of the protocol.

I have just updated my current supplement list and it can be found here.

Be well. More to follow....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 days before it all begins....

It is Wednesday.  I leave on Friday for Germany with another friend that also has Lyme disease.  Both of us are planning to be treated by Dr. Woitzel.  I have had 5 personal friends that have already been to do the treatment and 100% of them say they would do it again and that they have had notable progress.  This may or may not be a miracle cure, but further progress would certainly be happily accepted by yours truly.  I will be staying at a Guest House in Germany where many other patients of Dr. Woitzel have also stayed.  

I'll do the best I can to share my experience as it unfolds...  

Be well everyone!