Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Day in Stuttgart

Today was an off day for treatment. Tomorrow is treatment #4 with the photons. I went to Stuttgart for the day to see the birthplace of my dear friend and mentor GiGi. It was a great day. I walked for miles and have to say that I am feeling a bit tired tonight but I really did run around for a good eight hours, most of it on foot, up and down stairs, etc. So, I expect I will sleep good tonight. I have noticed that the photon treatments also make you a little more tired at times.

I took the train from Pforzheim to Stuttgart and then visited the main shopping district near the train station. It was a plethora of upscale stores and lots of wonderful bakeries. In fact, a bakery on every block if not two or three. Of course, one has to sample these delights to fully take in the culture. In the photo above, you can see the large strudel. I have never seen such a big strudel!

After several hours of walking, I then went to "The Television Tower". The views from the top were superb. A little bit hazy but just remarkable.

I then got back on the train and stopped at another train stop and then walked a good ways again to the Killesburg Tower. This is the photo at the very top and below. It is almost like free-hanging stairs that you walk to the top. I am not the best with heights but it was a must-do as well.

After having spent a good full day in Stuttgart, it was time to get back on the train and head back to Pforzheim and then drive back to Dobel to watch some TV and get ready for treatment tomorrow.

This country is such a wonderful, beautiful place.


Alison said...

Well super hero, anything BUT diet soda. Bad boy. Love the photos you're posting. Great you hung w/Klinghardt. The strudel looked yummy!! Enjoy your gluten while you can. How's your stomach holding out?
Good I hope.

Love the blog!!!

Have continued fun!!!


nancy said...

Scott, Did you get a chance to see the "Under My Skin" You Tube tribute to Leslie? They put on an interview she filmed for them.....I only wish I had met her.....I've been unable to do anything but think of her all day.Now I know why you love her so much......keep on fighting for Leslie and all the rest.
Hugs, Nancy B