Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welcome to My New Dobel Home

After the quick excursion in Amsterdam, it was on to Stuttgart. Once in Stuttgart, I had reserved a car to drive to Dobel. Some good friends had suggested the new BMW 1 series which was the main reason I rented the car from the company I did. When I arrived, they said all they had was a Ford Focus. Nothing wrong with a Ford Focus, but I am in Germany. I wanted a German car! Fortunately, she did manage to get a BMW 1-series. It’s fun!

Then it was on to Dobel. Stopped at a grocery store after having made a wrong turn (many bad things turn into good ones) and picked up a few things to take to the guest house. Fortunately, a friend at home had given me a coin to use to get a grocery cart out of the locked stalls at the store. Worked like a charm. Unfortunately, I confused peanut butter for pate. I am glad I figured it out before I ended up at home with pate. Yuck! No one understood what I meant by soy milk or rice milk, so I guess a little cow vomit will have to do for a few days. :)

After having arrived at the guest house, I met several people from the US. It was great to talk with them and to hear of their progress. I will keep their names and stories private and allow them to share as they feel appropriate. It’s so nice though being here in the guest house with many people that have shared similar journeys in the past and are now sharing on this new healing journey together.

I’ve been up now for almost 30 hours with not more than a light nap here and there. So, I’m off to bed and looking forward to my first appointment with Dr. Woitzel on Monday.

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KF@Google said...

Welcome to your new (temporary) home. I'm glad to hear everything is working out so far (save the germed-up passport :-)