Monday, October 27, 2008

Treatment #1 - Oh no! Not My Teddy Bear!!

Today was treatment #1. I arrived with my friend Russ at the doctor's office around 1pm. I actually slept until 11am today and was rushing to get to the appointment. Then, it took some time to find parking but it all worked out.

My friend Russ is also from California and has had Lyme disease for a long time and is here being treated as well. It is great to have someone to travel here with to deal with all the little things that happen along the way like being locked in a parking garage in the dark....ok that comes later. But seriously, having someone to make the journey with has been incredibly helpful.

Staying here at the Klein's has been great as well as the others here are from Lymenet and thus we have a lot to discuss and share. It helped that they have been here for a week and so were able to share their experiences with me. I also had the wonderful benefit of having several friends that have come here before me that have shared so many of the do's and don't here in Germany. So far, things are going very well.

We had a translator that came to the appointment and Dr. W. was fantastic. His English is good though for some of the more complex things, the translator was quite helpful. I appreciated very much that we had her there to assist. I remember at one point sitting in the doctor's office when his assistant came in and they were both talking in German and I thought to myself that I felt like I was in the audience of a Spanish Soap Opera...or at least that is what I feel like when I accidentally turn the channel and find something where very little of it makes sense..... I digress....

Dr. W. seemed very concerned with the length of time I had been on antibiotics. He had a look of surprise on his face that someone would be given antibiotics for so long for Lyme disease. He went through my history and then we moved on to the testing.

Dr. W. uses a Bicom device to test various points on the hand for the vitality of specific organs and of the body as a whole. Most people seem to fall at about 70. I was about the same 70-80 I believe. He did say that my colon was a weak area as well as my lungs. Then, he introduces Borrelia into the testing process and most chronic Lyme patients score between 10 and 30. The lower the score, the worse the Lyme is. My score was 40-50 to which Dr. W. said "You clearly have Lyme but your treatment to date has been very successful!"

You just don't know how much that meant. It was validation of all the "crazy" things I have done for the past 3+ years to treat my condition. I knew at that moment that a significant piece of my getting there was a focus on detoxification and specifically of the heavy metals. I had some fear that he would find that it was still very bad and was pleased to hear that things appear to be going very well.

Dr. W. shared his thoughts that the Lyme is where the heavy metals are and that mercury and Lyme go hand-in-hand. The mecury enables the Borrelia to take hold in the body. He also stated that there is less of a problem with mercury in Germany and I wonder if this may be part of why Americans with Borrelia tend to be ill for so much longer.

He stressed that EMFs or "electrosmog" is a very, very important issue and that he feels that the more one is exposed to EMFs, the less benefit one may derive from the photon treatments. He suggests working to avoid EMFs at all possible costs. He was impressed when I told him that I turn the circuit breaker off to my bedroom every night before I go to sleep.

He shared that all cells have DNA and that photons are emitted from the DNA. EMFs, metals, viruses, and bacteria damage these emissions and hamper communications between cells.

Dr. W. suggests that supplements weaken the process of the photons helping to open and restore cellular communication within the body. He told me that I would be required to stop all supplements while being treated with the photons in Germany or the process may not work. I think he sensed my emotional attachment to my supplement program and he said "Give me your teddy bear". He wasn't kidding. He would not let me take any of my supplements out of his office except for thyroid and melatonin for sleep. All the rest of my overflowing boxes are sitting on a desk outside of his office. In one way, I miss them, and in another, I feel somehow free to leave more of this illness behind. We will retest before I return home to see what he suggests my body may want at that time.

This is NOT an easy therapy at all, and the reactions can be quite strong. I do not recommend that people try to get a device and do this on their own. A good doctor would be required to support this process. Ideally, one would come to Germany to work with Dr. W. I am getting ahead of myself as it is too early to comment on the outcome of the treatment after just one day. So, let's get back to today....

I walked to the pharmacy down the street to get the various products that he uses in the detox IV after the photon therapy is completed. Solidago for kidneys, Lymphomyosot for lymphatics, Hepar Compositum for liver, magnesium are all used in the IV after the treatment. Borrelia nosodes are also purchased for use with the photons.

I did my photon treatment which takes 10 sessions of 320 seconds each on a different point on the body. I could feel a mild awakening of some of the cells; a mild energetic sensation. Otherwise, I did not notice much. With a score of 50, Dr. W. suggested I may not feel a strong response.

I did the photons, the detox IV, and the ozone and that was it for the day. I go back tomorrow for some structural work with chiropractic to help the treatment work even better by allowing better flows of energy throughout the body.

When we returned to the parking garage, we quickly learned that we did not know how to get out and it took us a good 15 minutes to find someone that walked us to another floor to find a machine that was still working. Then, it would only take coins not bills. It finally got sorted out but not before there was a line of people behind us that we were blocking at the exit. They did not seem to bothered by it.

My friend Russ reacted much more strongly to the treatment with a pounding headache, nausea, and dizziness. He returned to the guesthouse and went right to bed and looked quite ill. His score was 10 and Dr. W. suggested that his infection was quite old and that his response to the photons would be more intense. It was.

Dr. W. suggested that CD57 scores can be tracked from session to session even and that the numbers clearly rise. I did one before I left CA and will do another when I return.

He also suggests that co-infections are helped by the photons as well though this is an area that they are continuing to adapt with their treatment protocol.

In aligning this to my understanding of the 5 Levels of Healing from Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. W. commented that this is healing on a higher level and that when you use the photons you don't need all the supplements as they are on a lower level. That made sense to me. I feel so blessed to have Dr. Klinghardt as one of my mentors, teachers, and friends. He has shaped so much of my understanding of these diseases and been such an important part of my journey.

When my friend Russ mentioned to Dr. W. that he had problems with memory, getting lost, etc., Dr. W. joked "Alzheimers". He said that it is the kind of thing that makes you forget that you paid the bill and you pay it twice and then joked "with the photons you won't have that problem and you will only pay me once". :)

It has been a long day and I am off to bed now. I feel blessed to be here. I thank the universe for all that have been a part of my journey. My friends at home and afar. My practitioners along the way. My fellow friends working through our own journeys with Lyme. You are all special and meaningful. Tonight, I go to bed smiling inside.


Alison said...

Glad you're smiling!!! Big hug to Russ, hang in there dude. : )

Gosh Scott, sounds like you've been doing all the right things, per Dr. W's comments. Awesome!!

Wonderful to be able to share this with you. I sooo got your Teddy Bear comment. Good and sad.

Lots of love on your continuing saga, As The World Heals, from Germany!!!

Danka shun!


So happy for you!!!!

Robin123 said...

Hi Scott - fun to read your blog - question for you: does Dr Woitzel have any sense about whether the machine can treat the coinfections? - thx - Robin

UnexpectedIlls said...

That was a great blog and left me with goosebumps... I guess it was your gratitude, and through your words I could feel it too. I wish you, your friend and everyone else getting this treatment all the best in healing.

Peace & Blessings

lymeparfait said...


Wow, you are doing it right!

You are a pioneer for all of us!

You give us much hope!

Question about the did Dr. W. select the correct color handle to use for you. Did he share any criteria with you or ask you any questions to help him choose the gold or silver handle?

I'm trying to purchase one from biocom, and they said it has to be based on body type. They suggested I call into Dr. W. to help me discern the correct one to purchase before my April treatments. Thought you or the others may know how to decide so I don't have to bother the Dr.

Thanks for all you posts,! You are deserving of much healing and a great future of health and happiness!



heather. said...

scott, thank you so much for your blog and for all you continue to contribute to the lyme community. i wish you the best of luck with this treatment. i may be following in your footsteps next summer, so i'm sure i will have lots of questions in the next few months! :)

take good care,


Sarian said...

Hey Scott/Russ.
Glad you made it to Germany safely. I hope you are responding to treatment well and having a marvelous time running around Europe.

Don't party too hard. Miss ya!


Sarian said...

Wow Scott,

This treatment is powerful! I'm glad you're not too rigid about your diet and loosening up a little. I hope and pray you leave all your aches and pains in Germany and ready to rock and roll when you get back home. I had no idea Russ had lyme disease too. Give him a peck for me and lots of hugs for you.

I'm truly happy for you. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Big Sis.