Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Day of Adventure...and of Reflection....

Today, SixGoofyKids, Russ, and I had a day of adventure. We all had an off-day from treatment and decided to make the most of our surroundings. We went to Strasbourg, France where we climbed up (and then down) 330 narrow stairs to the top of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. The views were breathtaking. At the very top, we signed the guest book:

We left Lyme at the bottom. SixGoofyKids / BetterHealthGuy Long Live Photons

We had a wonderful lunch and then visited the "biscuit" store where loads of biscuits and candy were available. The store was remarkably beautiful. I was a bit nervous when SixGoofy paid for her few biscuits and it said 48 Euros. I almost dropped my bag and ran but fortunately, it wasn't as much as it appeared.

We then went to Camp de Struthof which was a concentration camp during WWII. Over 25,000 people were killed in this camp. It was very emotional. We were blessed to have met an 84 year-old man that had lived in the camps for over 2 years himself when he was 18 years old. He spent about 30 minutes talking to us about the camp. He visits only a couple of times a year and so we were very lucky. It was a special part of the day.

I found the camp very emotional. It was a dreary, rainy day and that seemed to fit very well with the sad, fearful energy that I felt at the camp.

We then went back to Strasbourg and had a nice French dinner. Lamb balls and kangaro were two of the items on the menu. Needless to say, I had chicken and french fries! Yes, true French Fries! :) The waitress was not the nicest and understood no English. I asked for the check and SixGoofy swears she said "Oui". To me, it seemed as though she made a face and then let out a deep-sounding belch!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I can of the various places we visited today. Off to bed now. It is late and also snowing here...

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