Friday, October 31, 2008


Today was another day of free time. I don't see Dr. W. again until Monday for treatment #3. Next week is an exciting conference in Baden-Baden. The largest medical conference in Germany. Many of the world's top doctors will be here. I am planning to go to the exhibit hall and see what more I can learn while I am here.

Today, I went to Baden-Baden to purchase some additional nosodes from a pharmacy there to use with the Bionic when I get home. HHV-6 primarily. Alot of this is still in its infancy and I think that we will all learn from each other as we continue to use the photons for treatment. Dr. W. does a remarkable job from what we can tell with the Lyme and over time, the photons may address other issues. However, I am also going to try and treat some specific infections with the photons as well using nosodes that I am purchasing while I am here. We'll see how this works over the next several months.

While in Baden-Baden, I went to one of the world's most famous spas called Caracalla. It was really quite relaxing. Lots of people relaxing in pools of various temperatures. It seemed like a very social thing to do and very relaxing. I started up one staircase and then read that it said "Naked only" so I headed right back down even faster than I had gone up. :)

For lunch, I had a wonderful combination of pumpkin soup and gnocchi. They don't really go together, but they were amazing. The pumpkin soup was so amazing I may go back just for the soup next week.

The other three here at the guest house leave at 4am so it will be quiet now. I am kind of bummed that they are leaving. We made some nice connections and it has been fun having them here. I know that our journey will keep us in communication as we continue to experience the benefits of the photons when we return.

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nancy said...

Dear dear Scott
I can't believe I let you leave for Germany without wishing you a fabulous Birthday......isn't it a very SPECIAL Birthday? I hope your day is especially perfect. Our Love to Russ.....I love seeing Germany and Dr. W through your eyes.
We celebrate you!!!!!! Love Nancy and Makayla