Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost Off...

Tomorrow is the big day. A long flight to Germany. I will be happy once I am settled in and the travel is behind me. I am currently off of all antibiotics for the first time since July 2005. I can tell that my body is adjusting to it and that the Borrelia may be peaking their heads out just a bit to see what it can get away with now that the antibiotics are gone.

I am three weeks now into the Full Cowden protocol. The herbs are very strong. Cumanda seems to be the one that I can tell is the most powerful and makes me feel more "herxy" than antibiotics have in quite a long time. I am glad that I can feel them doing something. If all goes well, the combination of the Cowden protocol and the photon treatments will hopefully keep me from having to go back on the antibiotics.

I feel optimistic but I am also a realist and have a plan already outlined if in fact I notice any significant changes that might warrant going back on antibiotics. Dr. H has reported very promising results with the Cowden protocol when people come off of antibiotics and I am hoping to be able to experience similar benefits. Month 2 of the protocol which I start next week has introduced three new products - Banderol, Mora, and Sparga.

Banderol has been around for awhile but was not part of the official protocol. It is thought that it may be slightly better than Cumanda for controlling yeast/fungi. Both Cumanda and Banderol seem to be quite powerful. Next is Mora. Mora is a new anti-microbial that may be helpful for the strains of Babesia that are not covered by Enula. Last is Sparga. Sparga is a sulphur detox product. Dr. Cowden has always had a focus on sulphur detox and that is almost always the first LED session that he performs. Having a product that will support daily detox of sulphur should add to the overall success of the protocol.

I have just updated my current supplement list and it can be found here.

Be well. More to follow....

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David said...

Good luck, Scott. I'm looking forward to hearing about how all of this goes. I've been very intrigued by biophoton therapy for some time, now, so a firsthand account concerning it will be fascinating. Again, all the best to you.