Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Ye Shall Rest

Germany seems to take Sunday as a day of rest to the extreme. Nothing is open. No grocery stores. Almost nowhere to eat. We went out today and found a sports bar called Palm Beach. They had a great chicken sandwich. I asked them what people do on Sundays and they said "go to McDonalds". Apparently, McDonalds one of the few places greedy enough not to honor the German culture and to remain open on Sundays. Well, since I am on a "no gluten holiday", I decided to get a McFlurry with Kit Kat which I enjoyed immensely.

I did drive to the doctor's office today to ensure I had the right place for the appointment tomorrow. Even took a picture in front of Dr. W.'s office. When I returned to Dobel, I showed the picture to the other patients staying here to which they replied "That's not his office". We laughed. I guess I will find his real office tomorrow. :)

It's been great staying here at the guest house with so many other people with Lyme disease and hearing about all of their experiences with Dr. W. so far. They tell me I will feel quite ill tomorrow if I follow in their pattern. I think that will make me smile and reinforce my belief and hope that this treatment can actually work.
Until then....


Alison said...

Whoo hoo!!! You made it!!!
Enjoyed reading the other two people's blogs. Sounds great! I'm so happy for you. The other gal whose blog you listed had 4 exposures with mold. No surprise there.

Good luck and good wishes for your Monday appt.

Thanks again for sharing. : )

I am sooo JEALOUS you're eating wheat! Be well. : )


Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Scott!

Sounds like a fun little "Lyme vacation" you're having down there! I know, maybe tomorrow after your treatment it won't feel so much like "vacation"!

Your supplements look like mine when I used to pack for trips (I've traveled a lot with Lyme overseas, too)! You need a whole suitcase just for those!! (At least I did).

I wish you well with the protocol. How great that you are down there with some fellow Lyme sufferers. May your journey be prosperous!



Tracy9 said...

That's so funny about the picture! You look great though, wherever you were!

peacocks said...

Hi Scott,

So happy to see you are in Germany and in front of the Doctor's office no less! How exciting!

Today I went to Carmel("land of the Gingerbread God's") to get away, have a change of scenery and relax, and also to do a special half hour long Sanskrit prayer for you in a holy place there - the Mission. When I first arrived in Carmel (9am), I wandered in the shops for awhile downtown and then happened upon a quaint Church (The Church of the Wayfarer) that I had visited on my Walking Tour last time I was in Carmel. People were entering and so I found myself at the front door. A nice lady greeted me and said I should go in. I thought ok.

After some beautiful violin music, the Pastor asked the new people to stand and tell why they had come to the church. I went first and said I came to Carmel from San Jose to get away and relax and to do a special prayer for my friend who had just gone to Germany for a special health treatment. The Pastor asked what was my friend's name and I said Scott and that you had saved my life. He then requested the whole congregation to do a special prayer for you! At the end of the beautiful service on the way out he hugged me, thanked me for sharing, and said I had made his day!! See how many people are praying for your well being....

I also went to the Mission and sang the "special" Sanskrit prayer in the "special" place there which I know. It's a powerful place...

Tomorrow, I shall ask one of my teachers here - an enlightened Master - for special Blessings for you and Russ.

Thank you so much for writing about your experience. It means so much to me to hear what's going on.

I wish you well.

Love Esther

Reasonista said...

Hi Scott! So wonderful to be able to keep up with an old, dear friend because of today's technology, but also to see there is one version we share: Blogspot. Visit my blog at, and again, best wishes for a successful treatment, and a happy, safe visit in Germany.

And I'm jealous about your indulging in a McFlurry lol.
My fav is the Oreo :-)

Amy MacWhirter said...

So wonderful you made it safely..and had some "glutenous treats" along the way :)

Thank you for posting about your journey..we all appreciate it!

I hope the treatments will bring you to an even greater level of health. It sound like you have amazing healing energy surrounding you. Truely good vibrations I hope!

Be well, and make sure to take time for yourself to heal. We can all wait patiently for updates if you need time for yourself ;)

Good luck and be well..sending positive vibes!!!