Saturday, October 25, 2008

So far so good. Almost there...

I left for the airport around 11am PT on Friday. Flight left at 3pm PT and arrived in Amsterdam about 10 hours later. The day started off perfectly as the weight of one of the three suitcases, the largest, hit the scale at exactly 50.00 lbs. Can't get much better than that.

I had a six hour layover in Amsterdam and am blogging now from the Amsterdam airport after having taken the train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal Station. There I went on a canal cruise and had lunch at Tivoli Pizza.

Yes, I was able make a deal with my doctor to allow me to eat gluten on the trip as it would be difficult to find food to eat otherwise. I have to say, the pizza was GREAT.

Leaving in about 15 minutes for Stuttgart and then will rent a car and drive to Dobel where I will be staying. It is now around 6am in California and I have been up now for over 24 hours. Still doing well but will be so happy to see a bed and a pillow in about six hours.

The worst problem of the day was when I dropped my passport on the floor in the nasty stall in the men's room in the Amsterdam airport. Being the germaphobe than I am, that was not a good moment. I am sure people were wondering why I was using soap on my passport.

Thanks for all the ongoing support. I am hopeful and look forward to blogging more about the trip. My first appointment with Dr. Woitzel is Monday.

Until later....

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