Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Next?

I've provided a short update on my site at

Be well,


Homeopath said...

Interesting blog here....

Saquaro said...

This link just takes me to your home page. Is it possible to get a final Dr.W Bionic 880 update?

Brooke Howsley said...

Hi Scott,
I'm considering going to Germany and coming back with the Bionic. Just wondering how you feel about it after 2 years. Any info is appreciated. I read LymeNet voraciously on this topic now!

BetterHealthGuy said...

Hi Brooke,

I think it was helpful overall and I am glad that I went. I've done over 100 treatments on it, but have not used it for about a year now. I may do more in the future. I think that it is an expensive device though and there may be similar options such as the PE-1 at a lower cost. As I understand, Dr. Woitzel may be using a different device now as well.

Hope you have great success with it!