Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time Will Tell...

I have had many people ask how I am doing with the photons now that I have been back for just under a month.

I continue to treat various infections using the protocol I learned in Germany. I am still very optimistic that this treatment approach is working. It takes time but I am still of the opinion that it will continue to bring benefits.

I have been off antibiotics and all other pharmaceutical anti-microbials for 2 months with no signs of any relapses or setbacks. Blood tests suggest that the treatment has provided benefit and we will continue to monitor over the next several months.

I feel blessed to have worked with Dr. W. in Germany and look forward to the evolution of energetic medicine in the treatment of Lyme disease.


opieanddelilah said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the update. That's really exciting news. I was wondering, before your treatment with the Biophoton, if you ever stopped antibiotics, did you experience a relapse?

I believe you had mentioned earlier that you weren't symptom free. Is that still the case?

Sorry for all the questions, but were you being treated for babesia as well as Bb?

Thanks so much.


opieanddelilah said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the update. That's very exciting news. Did you ever stop antibiotics before Biophoton treatment and experience a relapse?

I believe you'd mentioned earlier that you weren't symptom free after the Biophoton treatment.
Is that still the case?

Sorry for all the questions, but if you're symptom free, does that mean you've gotten rid of the co-infections as well?



Qst4faith said...

Hi Scott,
I am mostly grateful to hear that your trip was successful. I hope it proves to be the catalyst that enables your body to arrive at its optimum so that your own immune system will be able to take over....permanently.

I will look forward to seeing more updates and following your progress.

Thanks for sharing your experiences w/the Lyme community in a way that gives hope to many and offers practical, yet real support to each one's journey.

I also appreciated your kind tribute to Leslie. We were all blessed by her kindred determination and passion to bring it into the light!

Stay in touch!
Take care and God bless,
Heather's mom

Meghan said...

Hi, I am interested in the long-term success of this treatment. Have you heard about this rife experiment going on in NY? Check out this video
I own a rife and it can cause a strong die off. But so far, I believe better for lyme, not teh co-infections (which is what I'm still working on).

Thanks for keeping us updated,

heather. said...

hey scott,

would love to read further updates if you have a moment. hope you are well and enjoying the new year.

love & healing,

Anonymous said...

Scott hi,
Are you still using the
Biophoton machine? Or another one
that is similar. What is current opinion. Realy appreciate you input.

BetterHealthGuy said...

I am still using the Bionic 880 about once a week. Total of about 110 treatments since I first got it. I do find it helpful for pointing the immune system in the right direction in terms of what infections to focus on. It was not a miracle cure, but I have not required antibiotics since the trip (other than a short course for a nasal infection) over 20 months ago. Overall, I am still glad that I went. Getting off antibiotics alone was a huge step for me.